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Norauto transforms its after-sales service: Discover Repair'it, a corporate project based on the Platana platform

Our collaboration won the "Business" prize at the Victoires de la Collab' organized by The Field in 2024. This video was produced to present the problems that Platana solves in the after-sales service. Norauto's after-sales digitalization project is called "Repair'It".

This project aims to improve the customer experience during the after-sales service process, as well as the day-to-day comfort of employees through the digitization of procedures, and also to develop the repair and durability of products distributed by Norauto.

The collaboration between Mobivia and Platana is designed to improve the customer experience, so that it meets the high standards that the group's brands set themselves for their customers, and also to develop repairs. And that means equipping in-store staff with the right tools!

The story of our collaboration:

Before the Repair'it project was implemented, exchange or refund was the rule when a customer came into a Norauto center with a faulty product. This generated waste, economic costs and was inconsistent with the brand's commitment to developing the durability of the products it sells.

However, implementing a repair policy is not something that can be improvised. Different management rules for different suppliers, the wide variety of products on offer, regulatory issues... The complexity is high.

Norauto therefore called on Platana, an after-sales platform that supports customers throughout the life cycle of their products, with one ambition in mind: to digitalize its after-sales service, in order to develop repairs.

The first stage of the project was to review all after-sales processes and management rules with Platana's business experts. Then, these rules were digitized, so that each customer handling operation could be carried out very simply within the Platana platform: identification of the customer, the product, compatible spare parts, breakdown diagnosis, issue of transport labels to repairers, management of supplier credit notes, etc. At the same time, repair procedures for a range of products were parameterized to facilitate and trace repair operations carried out in the workshop.

This helps to develop the repair business, and considerably improves the customer experience, as the right answer is provided from the 1st interaction with the Norauto center, as well as the employee experience, as he or she finds it easier to take charge.

The benefits are also financial: operational efficiency, sales of services and spare parts, refinancing of warranties by suppliers, etc. In short, a project that benefits the planet, customers and employees!

On the strength of the success of this collaboration with Norauto France, the system was rapidly implemented within the Auto 5 chain in Belgium, in May 2024. The system will continue to be extended to all the countries in which Norauto is present, as well as to a digital perimeter, to encourage customer autonomy and make after-sales service accessible 7/24.

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Norauto talks about us

Norauto logoMobivia
"Platana's after-sales and repair solutions are interoperable, which makes it much easier for our technicians to deal with our customers in Norauto centers. The "Repair" solution has enabled us to digitize the repair procedures for our accessories and soft mobility vehicles such as scooters and electric bikes: the benefits are more reliable operations, faster staff training, better visibility of repairs in progress, and improved management of our spare parts. It was very quick and easy for our staff to get to grips with the back-office: adoption of the tool has been a real success!"
Rémi Delcourt - MVC Service Manager - Norauto - Mobivia
Rémi Delcourt
MVC Service Manager
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"Platana is a real landmark in the complex world of after-sales service. The support we received in redesigning the customer care process for defective products was a real strength. The teams' expertise enabled us to build a solid foundation for deploying this new customer care tool."
Pauline Boniface
Business Owner - Norauto International
Pauline Boniface
Business Owner - Norauto International