Transform the after-sales experience for your customers, staff and partners

Platana is the after-sales platform that supports your customers throughout the entire life cycle of their products, from 1st diagnosis to resolution.
Our solutions

A platform of interoperable solutions

that adapts to the ambition of your transformation project, to support all your after-sales challenges

after-sales service

After-sales service

Transform your customers' after-sales support into an omnichannel process, and digitalize your after-sales procedures.

The repair

Easily supervise your repairs, in the workshop or at home, with your teams and/or partners.
product recall

Product recall

Deploy and manage your recall and product withdrawal campaigns with the necessary rigor and efficiency.

The benefits of a high-performance after-sales service

A differentiating customer experience
Enhanced customer satisfaction
A drastic reduction in management costs
Convenient handling by employees
A record guarantee refinancing rate
Managing supply through sustainability
A real sales policy for services
Enhanced traceability of actions taken
Regulatory compliance
More sustainable products for a more circular economy
Why Platana?


to make your project a success

A mature, comprehensive offering - 100% integrated - International - coupled with business expertise

A mature, comprehensive offering

to cover the full range of after-sales issues in interaction with your customers and suppliers

100% integrated

with interoperable modules interfaced with your IS and your partners (carriers, repairers, spare parts suppliers, etc.)


Multilingual and multi-country, we support you in your international deployments

Combined with business expertise

to support you at every stage of the project: scoping, process definition, continuous improvement
Your needs

Transform your after-sales service now

with solutions tailored to your business

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I am

A retailer
BtoC or BtoB

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I am

A Brand
and/or a Manufacturer

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A repairer
(workshop or home)

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A fleet manager

Our customers talk about us

Leroy MerlinAdeo logo
"It was very important for us to work with after-sales experts. What's more, the completeness of the Platana solution met our omnichannel needs in every respect, in addition to being able to support us internationally. The digitization of processes has improved customer satisfaction and enhanced the comfort of in-store staff."
Pierre Lemaire
After Sales and Repair Leader - ADEO Services
Pierre Lemaire
After-sales and repair leader - ADEO Services
Norauto logo
"Platana is a real landmark in the complex world of after-sales service. The support we received in redesigning the customer care process for defective products was a real strength. The teams' expertise enabled us to build a solid foundation for deploying this new customer care tool."
Pauline Boniface
Business Owner - Norauto International
Pauline Boniface
Business Owner - Norauto International

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Everything you need to know about Platana.
Who is Platana designed for?
Platana is aimed at all organizations wishing to optimize their customers' after-sales experience, facilitate repairs and optimize the durability of their products. Our solutions are interoperable and can be adapted to different types of company: e-commerce and/or physical distributors, manufacturers, equipment fleet managers, internal and external repairers, etc. in BtoC and BtoB.
What business issues does Platana address?
Platana enables organizations to digitalize their after-sales processes in order to improve the customer experience, boost the operational efficiency of in-store/agency after-sales teams, maximize warranty refinancing with suppliers, and gain a centralized view of after-sales and repair data for products in their Offer.
What are the benefits of our SaaS solutions?
The benefits of our solution are customer satisfaction and loyalty (as measured by an increase in NPS and a reduction in negative online after-sales service reviews), the ability to implement a profitable sales and service policy based on product durability, a reduction in financial losses caused by suppliers refusing to refinance warranties, and significant savings linked to the operational efficiency of after-sales service and product repair.
Why choose Platana?
Platana offers organizations the opportunity to revolutionize the after-sales experience of their customers, employees and partners, through a cutting-edge technology platform coupled with unrivalled business expertise. Our business support will enable you to rethink your after-sales processes upstream of their digitization, in order to maximize the effectiveness of our SaaS solution. Our CSM and Product teams are after-sales experts with over 20 years' experience working for leading retailers, in both IT and business teams responsible for after-sales.

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