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Our beliefs

The genesis of our story is the customer experience. Offering an irreproachable after-sales customer experience. Why do we do this? Because we believe that extending the life of products is no longer an option, and that retailers have a fundamental role to play in this process. Digitizing your after-sales service means contributing to the widespread adoption of repair.

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Our mission at Platana

Promoting sustainable consumptionBy simplifying the product repair experience for the customer who owns it, and maximizing the operational efficiency and profitability of the organization that produces or distributes it.

The facts

The extraction of natural resources worldwide has tripled in 50 years and could increase by 60% by 2060 alerts the UN Environment and the International Resources Panel in a report published on March 1, 2024. The scientific community has never been more aligned or more resolute on the need for an urgent global transformation towards sustainable resource use.
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Key figures

Sources: Gartner, PWC, Ademe, Harris,
87% of consumers feel that repair is not facilitated by the manufacturer, and fear that it is more expensive to repair than to buy new.
89% of consumers are looking for information on repairs in the event of a breakdown.

Mainly about the cost of repairs, the cost and availability of spare parts, how to repair a product and/or the contact details of authorized repair professionals.
32% of customers are ready to abandon a brand if after-sales service is catastrophic
70% of consumers have ended their relationship with a brand following a disappointing customer experience.

How can we develop repair?

2 priority consumer expectations


More efficient after-sales service

Consumers expect a rapid response, a contactable and convenient after-sales service, and a resolution to their problem on the 1st contact, in a truly omnichannel approach.


Easy access to spare parts

Consumers are in favor of repair for ecological and economic reasons. The self-repair process needs to be simplified, from ordering parts to issuing instructions.

Our answer

At Platana, we're convinced that the adoption of repair services will depend on an optimized customer experience when the product is picked up, and an optimized execution of the repair by the retailer. The only way to achieve this is to digitalize the after-sales service. This also makes it possible to activate a number of financial optimization levers that are key to sustaining this approach and finding a profitable circular model.
after-sales service
After-sales service
The repair
product recall
Product recall

Our pride


of after-sales cases initiated by customers in 2023 via our interfaces.


repairs carried out last year by employees equipped with our solutions


of store employees say our solutions were very easy to use

They trust us

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after-sales service

After-sales service

Transform your customers' after-sales support into an omnichannel process, and digitalize your after-sales procedures.

The repair

Easily supervise your repairs, in the workshop or at home, with your teams and/or partners.
product recall

Product recall

Deploy and manage your recall and product withdrawal campaigns with the necessary rigor and efficiency.