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How can a good after-sales service become a growth driver?
Find out how a good after-sales service can help you grow your business effectively.
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Optimizing your after-sales service in 2023: The new challenges to be met
How to improve your after-sales service in 2023? Discover the new challenges to optimize customer satisfaction. Our tips for doing so.
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The importance of metrics in after-sales service: how to exploit your data?
Data collection in the after-sales service is an essential lever to maintain competitiveness and increase performance.
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CRM and ticketing: Stop the confusion in the after-sales service
Stop confusing CRM and ticketing with after-sales solutions and discover Platana, the 1st personalized support solution to automate your after-sales service.
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Omnichannel service: the solution for building customer loyalty
Omnichannel service is the solution to improve the customer experience. Streamline your customer service on all your communication channels.
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Spare parts: a solution for rational consumption
Discover the ecosystem of spare parts, and learn about their ecological and business impact.
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Digitalising after-sales service a lever for carbon impact
After-sales service often requires a lot of travel during interventions. Its digitalization is an action for the environment.
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All-In-One in the after-sales service, good choice or mirage?
After-sales service is a very broad field that meets many needs and involves different sub-fields. How do you coordinate everything?
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Digitalisation of the after-sales service - Part 3: How?
The digitalisation of after-sales services is a necessity and a source of opportunity: if the past years have been those of...
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Digitalisation of the after-sales service - Part 2: The challenges
At a time of digital and behavioural upheaval, offering a digital after-sales service appears to be a solution that responds to the needs of...
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Digitalisation of the after-sales service - Part 1: An obligation
The world of e-commerce and e-retail is constantly changing. The last few years, marked by the health crisis, have seen the...
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The impact of the new laws on the management of your after-sales service
After-sales service, especially for electronic and household appliances, is a field that is regulated at the national level...
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The essential features of the Product Recall
The risks to business are becoming more diverse and increasing every day. Among the best known risks, it is the recall...
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