Digitalisation of the after-sales service - Part 1: An obligation

The world of e-commerce and e-retail is constantly changing. The last few years, marked by the health crisis, have seen the...

Mohamed BEN AYED
February 1, 2022

The world of e-commerce and e-retail is constantly changing. The last few years, marked by the health crisis, have accelerated transformations in the sector for an ever faster and more pleasant shopping experience.

Nowadays, customers can buy a smartphone or a washing machine online in just a few clicks, regardless of the medium (web, mobile), thanks to intuitive interfaces and an optimal user experience. Accompanied in their purchase, they can choose from numerous services concerning both the delivery of their product and their means of payment.

However, this level of comfort and service too often stops when the customer receives the product!

This is a mistake: after-sales service (AS), in addition to being a legal obligation, has a direct impact on sales. Many customers will no longer accept poor service.

It is therefore important to integrate your after-sales service as an integral part of your business strategy in order to make it an efficient, profitable and innovative service. To make your after-sales service a real asset and deploy innovative services, digital is your ally: offer an experience as pleasant as buying online.

After-sales service: an underestimated need

After-sales service has not kept pace with the technological and digital transformations that e-commerce has undergone. As a result, each and every one of us has experienced complex after-sales service with a degree of support that is far inferior to that of online purchasing:

  • Need to go to the shop
  • Long waits on the phone
  • Difficulty in accessing information about the product, its repair status, re-shipment etc.
  • Warranty issues

These inconveniences can impact the customer experience and transform their initial relationship with the brand: from satisfaction with the purchase to disappointment... It is always difficult to regain the trust of a lost customer and the quality of customer service is therefore essential!

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Harmonise the customer journey and strengthen the brand image

VAS is therefore necessary in three respects:

  • In terms of the law, this is an obligation
  • It meets one of the main criteria of buyers' expectations of brands
  • It is a key step in the customer journey to build customer loyalty

This is why the relationship with the customer must be maintained beyond the acquisition of the product to offer a global customer journey that benefits the brand image.

It is therefore a question of upgrading the after-sales service so that it matches the online shopping experience.

In a context where customers are increasingly demanding in terms of service responsiveness, transparency and accessibility of information, it is essential to offer quick online solutions with paths that leave a great deal of autonomy to the customer.

To do this, the digitalisation of after-sales service is a precious help: it allows us to offer a customer journey and an overall experience similar to that of online purchasing. Yes, it is possible, especially if you are well supported!

Curious? Dubious?

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