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Platana was born out of the desire to make the post-purchase consumer journey as seamless as the purchase journey, so that organizations can play an active role in the widespread adoption of repair by their customers. Today, we're 25 people strong, working day in, day out to support retailers in their efforts to digitizing their after-sales serviceThis is an essential step on the road to an economically viable circular economy.

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After-sales service transforms, Platana expands!

Creation of Platana

Our co-founder, Mohamed ben Ayed, a former Adeo and Boulanger employee, whose day-to-day work has been affected by the under-equipment of after-sales service centers, is proposing that these chains work together to invent the ideal solution for retailers.

Product recall

Shortly afterwards, our "Product Recall" solution was conceptualized, including decision-making and process management bricks, to inform consumers but above all to trigger contextualized safety procedures (for the customer, the product, the criticality of the recall).


We then develop our Repair solution, enabling technicians to follow digitized repair procedures, and optimize the operational efficiency of repair rounds (spare parts management, round management).


After having designed all the functionalities required for an efficient after-sales service, in co-construction with the Boulanger and Leroy Merlin teams, we are now deploying our after-sales solution in these same stores.

Market Fit

Our solution is deployed by leading retailers (Norauto, Electrodepot, Leroy Merlin, etc.) in over 10 European countries. More than 2.5 million after-sales files are processed, serving repairs, product durability, consumers and the economic performance of our customers!

Let's Go!

A year of strong commercial acceleration, Platana takes part in Europe's biggest retail trade shows and strengthens its ecosystem of partners, with the ambition of becoming the European leader in after-sales service.

Our mission at Platana

Promoting sustainable consumptionBy simplifying the product repair experience for the customer who owns it, and maximizing the operational efficiency and profitability of the organization that produces or distributes it.

The values that drive us


Our teams are committed to the success of each and every one of our projects. We are passionate about delivering our mission with enthusiasm and ambition: to promote more sustainable consumption, by simplifying the product repair experience for the customer who owns it, and maximizing the operational efficiency of the organization that produces or distributes it. We work hand in hand with our ecosystem to ensure the success of our customers' transformation projects.

Customer focus

Our customers' customers are our top priority. We continually challenge ourselves on how we can evolve our tools, our practices, our support to ensure that the customer experience delivered by our customers is a lever of satisfaction, recommendation and differentiation for the organizations we work with, whether it's on the quality of after-sales customer care, on the solutions proposed to their problem, or on the information transmitted to them. All this, in the service of the widespread adoption of repair.


At Platana, we are committed to promoting more sustainable consumption through repair. We design concrete solutions that make this possible for our customers' customers, their employees and their partners. We ensure that this is measurable through indicators of reparability, sustainability, customer satisfaction, cost reduction and profit optimization, to demonstrate that our economy can evolve to the benefit of everyone.

They trust us

Discover our interoperable solutions

after-sales service

After-sales service

Transform your customers' after-sales support into an omnichannel process, and digitalize your after-sales procedures.

The repair

Easily supervise your repairs, in the workshop or at home, with your teams and/or partners.
product recall

Product recall

Deploy and manage your recall and product withdrawal campaigns with the necessary rigor and efficiency.