Omnichannel service: the solution for building customer loyalty

Omnichannel service is the solution to improve the customer experience. Streamline your customer service on all your communication channels.

October 7, 2022

Did you know that one out of every two customers changes brand following a bad after-sales service? Dealing with complaints on your multiple media (social networks, phone, email, mail, chatbot, website) can be a perilous and time-consuming task for your teams. However, faced with increasingly connected and demanding consumers, this task is one of the pillars of your company's performance. A major challenge that requires the implementation of a real omnichannel strategy. This means ensuring consistent follow-up and a smooth after-sales service experience across all your channels!

What is omnichannel service?

Following a purchase or by prospecting, a majority of customers seek to contact your customer service or after-sales service to :

- Leave a review of the product.

- Search for information on its use.

- Request a return or report a repair.

- Use the guarantee.

- Making a claim... 

Regardless of the correspondence method chosen, good customer service logistics are just as crucial as sales in building customer loyalty. The solution? Create synergies between all these channels, a system called omnichannel. A harmonious fusion of all the media available to consumers. The objective?

  • Access the same level of information on different media. 
  • To obtain an automated and thus digitalized management of the channels. 
  • Generate answers or suggested solutions in real time. 
  • Ensure a consistent customer experience across multiple channels. 

The challenges of an omnichannel after-sales service

Tablet tool for omnichannel service

Provide quality customer service

With all the remedies provided, after-sales service is a key element of the acquisition journey. For the user, the after-sales procedure must be as simple as a purchase. Omnichannelity also plays a major role in the quality of the customer experience. In particular with a :

  • Autonomous, thanks to intuitive web interfaces.
  • Functional with assistance available and attentive in case of difficulty.

An organization still laborious for most companies, following :

  • After-sales service management still limited to telephone calls and point-of-sale appointments.
  • The loss of time and information due to the lack of follow-up between the supports and the interlocutors.

In the digital and e-commerce age, continuing with such a process is detrimental to both the customer and the company.

The internal problems of the after-sales service

Despite the technological development and the awareness of the importance of a digitalized after-sales service... Omnichannelity remains non-existent. A consequence directly linked to the properties of after-sales service. Sector:

  • Complex to automate, as it encompasses a multitude of business rules.
  • Difficult to synchronize to retrieve information and logistics between each :
  1. User: consumers, professional users. 
  2. Manager: distributors, insurers, manufacturers.
  3. Suppliers: repairers, transporters, logisticians, spare parts suppliers, reconditioners...
  • Heavy legal and financial obligations: each product and supplier has its own specific warranty requirements. A constraint with financial impact that requires human intervention.
  • Considered expensive to replace.

These obstacles delay the complete digitalization of the after-sales service in order to offer an autonomous customer experience, from the complaint to the solution.

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Why optimize your customer service?

Automate your after-sales service

More than a service, theomnichannel nature of your after-sales service is essential to improve your customer satisfaction rate and, a fortiori, to ensure a long-term reputation for your company. Thanks to theautomation of procedures:  

  • Improve the handling of each file: omnichannelity allows you to put the customer in touch with the most relevant contact. 
  • Speed up the resolution of the request by responding to it at the first contact.  
  • Optimize service flow processing time and traceability by intelligently connecting channels to each other. 
  • Reduce logistics costs over the long term.

Maintain customer relations

Today, after-sales service is an integral part of the purchasing process. The facts are:   

  • A bad after-sales experience increases the risk of losing the customer.
  • Converting a prospect into a customer requires a lot of time and work. 
  • The impact of after-sales service is such that the efficiency of salespeople, suppliers and e-merchants is measured on the after-sales service and not only on the sale (prices, delivery...).

This is why companies must adapt to the consumer's channel preferences (kiosk, mobile, PC or physical). A fundamental requirement that only a true omnichannel customer relationship can meet. 

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How to make a successful transition to omnichannel?

To succeed in omnichannelizing its after-sales service, the transition must be done intelligently. The goal? Putting the buyer at the center of the reflection and reviewing the entire organization accordingly. A change that is feasible, provided that : 

1- Take the time to calculate the profitability of the system. The return on investment greatly justifies the implementation budget. 

2- Proceed with a progressive installation while respecting your computer system. 

Choose a modern solution:

  • Able to simplify installation and use by your entire team.
  • Comprehensive enough to meet the various requirements of the field.

3- Ensure the ability of your various stakeholders to interact in your future process to meet the requirement of real-time synchronization.

Of course, this type of revolution does not happen alone. Omnichannel experts will accompany you and train your teams. 


What if you turned your customer complaints into an opportunity? With an omnichannel after-sales service, each dissatisfaction is a new chance to win back the customer and build loyalty. By providing a quick solution to your dissatisfied customers, they don't hesitate to share their positive experience with others. On your side, in addition to automating word-of-mouth recommendations,omnichannelity is an opportunity to analyze the quality of your services, rethink your sales strategy and the organization of your customer journey. It's a godsend to get a head start on your competitors!

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